New enhancements in IBM Connections Cloud coming up!

Expectations are growing as the countdown to IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando has started. Some of the news on what is coming i IBM Connections Cloud are already out (source IBM):

Verse Mobile Updates
While in other iOS applications, Verse is now a selectable mail
application for sending pictures, file attachments, URL links, and more.

On Android, calendar events processed when using the application
offline are now immediately reflected in the Verse application calendar. No more waiting for a sync to complete.

Real-time alerts help you focus on items that need your attention
Stay up to date with things that require your attention and response.
The new notification center in the navigation bar increases your
awareness less disruptively. See alerts with a single click – no matter
where you are in the service. Allows you stay on track or swiftly shift
gears depending on what is required at the moment.

Real-time alerts help you focus on items that need your attention

Leverage third-party apps to maximize value of Communities
Community owners can add third-party apps to Communities. A new
extension point opens up the possibilities for Independent Software
Vendors (ISVs) to create apps for Communities. Developers can now write custom responsive apps that can be surfaced within Communities.
Community owners don’t have to do anything different from what they do today. As soon as a new third party app has been approved by the administrator, it’ll be available for all community owners of that organization

Organize your files with nested folders
Now you can create nested folders to organize your content in a
familiar hierarchy. You can create sub-folders within folders to give
your content a structure that makes it easier for you and other users to manage content. For both My Files and Community Files , you can build a hierarchy of folders with tree-navigation on the side of the Connections Files page.

Use nested folders to organize your folders and files the way you want.

Nested folders are also supported in the Connections Mobile app and in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows and the IBM Connections Plugin for Microsoft Outlook when syncing your offline files with Connections Files in the cloud. Note : Syncing of folders is coming in the future

Drag and drop support added on Microsoft Windows
Also new in January is the ability to drag and drop files from the Windows desktop directly to an IBM Connections folder in the IBM Connections Desktop Plugins for Microsoft Windows .

Improved user experience working with files
The sidebar is now resizable and labels have replaced the icons on
the tabs making it easier to navigate and view information and comments.

File controls are neatly clustered around the resizeable sidebar for convenience. Clear labels for Comments, Sharing, Versions, and About replace icons on each tab.


Enablement to help new users get started
A guided tour for new users has also been added to provide an overview of Connections Docs.

Additional browser support and other enhancements
Enhancements have been made to the editors including adding support for Apple Safari 9 and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
New browser and operating system support
Connections Meeting and Chat are now supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox on Microsoft Windows 10. For the complete list of browsers and operating systems supported, see IBM Connections Cloud system requirements .

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