Beste CRM for oppstartsbedrifter

The Wall Street Journal, en av verdens ledende finansaviser har utpekt Pipeliner CRM som den beste CRM-løsningen for oppstartbedrifter. Under tittelen » The Best Apps to Run a Startup From Your Phone» og ingressen » There’s been an explosion in software designed for small companies. Here are the best offerings» lister de opp de beste appene for nystartede bedrifter som driver forretningen fra «brystlomma».

Her er det de skriver om Pipeliner CRM appen:

» It tracks every step of the sales process, using icons and color coding to indicate what stage of the pipeline a prospect is in and what actions need to be taken. The idea: to make it easy to onboard new staff and quickly get a read on how marketing activities are contributing to sales. The app, which is made by Pipelinersales Inc., includes shared to-do lists and task boards, and allows users to access the software via their desktop as well as through mobile.»

Les hele artikkelen her!


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