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Vi kan sterkt anbefale Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielsen som foredragsholder. Hans foredrag som handler om å endre måten man jobber på for å oppnå økt produktivitet fikk toppscore hos deltagerne på vårt arrangement «Gründermessen» som gikk både i Trondheim og i Oslo i løpet av 2016. Foredraget er svært engasjerende, morsomt, nyttig og vekker en del tanker rundt hvordan vi selv jobber. – Mads Vold, CEO, Exhibition Management AS

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» Brainworker AS is a leading Scandinavian consultancy within Social Business, Personal Productivity, Efficient Collaboration and CRM that really drives sales. Based on interviewes with managers and employees in your company they analyze the processes, find the bottlenecks – and remove them.

They give advice, deliver new and modern social sales- and collaboration tools, motivate and educate your salesforce on The New Way To Work. Main goal is to create higher productivity and greater engagement in your workforce.»

– Todd Martin, Vice President, Pipelinersales Inc.

«Arne Nielsen is a very competent and experienced consultant in the field of social business. With his many years at IBM, he has worked with many types of customers of different sizes. He is therefore a good discussion partner to assess optimal solutions.»

— Kurt Arild Larsen, Manager, 3ESS Konsulentselskap AS

«Arne S. Nielsen is focused and pleasant to work with. He is reliable and very aware of the needs and wants of the people he does business with. Especially his good sense of humor and excellent communication skills makes Arne Nielsen a person people would want to be around and meet with.»

— Kjetil Christoffersen, former Sales Manager at iTet

«Arne is a believer – in IBM and especially its software strategies. He delivers his presentations with power and enthusiasm and always engaging to his audience. I find him skilfull an pleasant to work with, demonstrating good people skills and always able to defuse a situation if need be – without loosing his objective of delivering his message through clearly and pointed.»

— Dagfinn A. Mork, Country Manager Conscensia Norway

«Working with Arne on various cases, I have always found Arne not only highly skilled, but also involved and enthusiastic. Arne has a unique ability to address the situation he is facing, across various very different assignments. Arne strikes me as always working with a high degree of empathy for the customer, very nice and trustworthy. I give Arne my highest recommendations.»

— Niels Jørgen Hansen, former IBM’er, now Atea Denmark

«Arne is unique. He has a very strong drive for his message in the market and give value to IBMs business partners who enjoy his teamwork. I would recommend Arne to anybody who would like to see their BPs grow and become loyal.»

— Rune Henriksen, former IBM’er

«I’ve seen Arne on stage many times on roadshows throughout the country (jointly: Symfoni and IBM). Arne gives excellent presentations, always real-world related and down to earth, yet inspiring and fresh. His background in sales and coaching is evident, he has an excellent understanding of the value proposition of Symfoni Software together with IBM, and is able to show real value to customers.»

— Trond-Are Utle, Symfoni Software

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